A Checklist To Prepare Your Property For Professional Photos And Sale 


A photo shoot will not take more than two hours and will consist of photographs of both inside and outside of the property.

We have prepared the list below so that you can get the most advantage out of your professional photo shoot.

Outside The Home

  • Mow and edge lawns
  • Tidy up any fallen palm leaves and remove any obvious weeds
  • Trim back any overgrown shrubs and trees
  • Sweep paths and driveways
  • Put away childrens bikes, basketballs etc
  • Make sure all outside lights are working, especially for a late afternoon or evening shoot.
  • Remove all cars from the driveway
  • Ensure any rubbish bins can be moved out of sight

Living and Family Rooms

  • Turn on all lights and table lamps
  • Remove any general clutter, books, magazines CD's from tables
  • Hide any extension cables or speaker cables
  • Tidy up any general clutter on shelves etc 
  • Turn off television and any ceiling fans


  • Clear any benchtops of clutter removing toasters, kettles, bread makers etc
  • Clean all benchtops and oven and dishwasher doors
  • Remove fridge magnets, notes, photos and calendars from fridge
  • Clean oven cooktops
  • Turn on all lights including extractor fan lights

Dining Rooms

  • Ensure the area is free of all clutter
  • Add a centre piece such as candles or flowers
  • Turn on all lights


  • Ensure all beds are made
  • Remove any bedside alarm clocks books etc
  • Turn on all lights including bedside lamps

Bathrooms and Ensuites

  • Remove shampoo bottles and other personal hygiene items from shower recess or bath
  • Remove toothbrushes, toothpaste, shavers from benchtops
  • Clean all mirrors, shower screens and benchtops
  • Fold towels neatly over towel rails or remove completely
  • Turn on all lights      


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